Dr. Dick Hardwick

Comedian/Entertainer Dick Hardwick was celebrated at a recent performance with an honorary Doctor of Performance Degree! Dick was totally surprised by the presentation before his show at Westfield State University in Massachusetts.

The inscription reads:

Westfield State University

To all who read this diploma, greetings.

Richard John Hardwick

Master of the spotlight and stand-out among stand-up’s, You take the high road to comedy and never fail to make us laugh. Whether headlining for families at Disneyland Landing one-liners for troops in Iraq Or punctuating the punchlines for corporate executives You model the hard-working life of the professional entertainer Who is ever willing to be there for an appreciative audience.

Therefore be it certified under the authority of the Board of Trustees and President that your achievements and contributions as consummate musician, comedian and entertainer deserve recognition by the Academy hereby awarding the degree Doctor of Performing Arts Honoris Causa

With all the rights, privileges and responsibilities pertaining there to At Westfield in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this 15th day of November 2010