Testimonials and Partial Client List

Testimonials | Partial Client List

Wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for an outstanding performance yesterday! The event was a great success, to a large part due to your high-energy and extremely funny show. Many of the team members approached me after the show with sore cheeks, congratulating me for an excellent pick and asking where I know you from - they couldn't believe that this was a "web-based" pick. They loved the show in general and the customized bits that you put in place for our team/product in particular. The only down side is that you've set the bar so high that I'll have a hard time meeting it for my next department event :-) Many thanks for a wonderful show and looking forward to a next opportunity to work with you again, Mor.

MOR BEN-ASHER - Ericsson
Sr. Director - Head of ASIC

"Dick Hardwick has that Red Buttons personality... when he smiles you smile and you're not sure why!"

Corporate Client

"Dick Hardwick is the funniest person I have ever heard. He is an extraordinary comedian."

Johnny Mathis

"When it comes to comedy Dick Hardwick is my soul and inspiration."

Bill Medley

"I love his sense of humor and his ability to make the audience laugh without taking the low road by resorting to X-rated humor."

Reba McEntire

"Dick Hardwick is the best comedian/entertainer out there!"

Barbara & Louise Mandrell

"When you asked me not to worry about our employees laughing, I had no idea we would all be bent over our chairs laughing so hard!"


"He began his show business career as a musician, but somewhere between playing drums for Jerry Van Dyke and washboards for Jon Prine he developed his sense of comedic timing without ever missing a beat."

Bob Eubanks (TV Host)

"Thank you for making our 27th Annual Convention our most successful show in Safari Club history. I have received excellent feedback and many compliments noting that President Bush and General Schwartzkopf were both laughing pretty hard!"

The Safari Club

"You are a very gifted comedian and performer, and I would recommend you to any organization looking to keep the audience laughing. "

Author Anderson

"What impressed us the most, as you emceed our Top Ten event, was how much you genuinely cared about each of the people you introduced. You showed respect and admiration for all the efforts of our winning managers. And, you were funny!"

Kentucky Fried Chicken

"I would highly recommend Dick Hardwick for anyone living and breathing who likes to laugh."

Michigan Assoc. of Fairs & Exhibitions

"Dick Hardwick's performance at our National Sales Meeting surpassed our expectations! It's been 30 minutes since Dick's show ended, and my cheek bones still hurt from the constant smile on my face"...

The Taylor Company

"Our incentive audiences were thoroughly entertained in each venue... I don't believe there is a day that goes by now that the phrase 'There ya' go'... isn't muttered by an attendee who fondly remembers your appearance"...

Mike Ross, Dir of Special Events

"Anyplace I put Dick Hardwick he is always a success. He is immediately likable, dependable and a tremendous talent. I recommend him to anyone wanting a successful event... he is a special person."

Sonny Anderson,
Sonny Anderson Associates, Inc.


"The man is marvelous!"

Conrad Janis
Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band

"I have never failed to see Dick Hardwick reduce an audience to Jello, he's great!"

Orson Bean

"We have used Dick Hardwick for everything from a MC for our 13 hour Countryfest concert attended by 250,000 to headlining entertainment for many corporate convention shows. Dick is a great benefit for any company seeking talent with versatility and a performer with the utmost professionalism."

Greg Janese, President
Avalon Entertainment Group, Inc.

"A wonderfully creative performer. A man that relates the funny experiences of life in a way that you can relate to. A very gifted musician and comedian."

Mike Davis, Vice-President
Entertainment Division, Disneyland

"Dick was a big hit at our June seminar, he's easy to work with and a genuine nice guy."

Reggie Churchwell, President
International Entertainment Buyers Assn.

"Hardwick has built up a very profitable career since he got on the corporate track in the mid-80's. The Indiana native's profanity-free humor is a throwback to the days of witty one-liners and rapid-fire shtick, making him a good , noncontroversial hire."

Jon Matsumoto
Los Angeles Times

"Quick draw lines!"

Orange County Register


The Hollywood Reporter



Partial Client List

Arthur Anderson Assn. of Chamber of Commerce Executives
AT&T Wilreless Bayer Cardinal Healthcare
Chevrolet Deals Assn. Chrysler Corporation Cracker Barrel
Daiwa The Family Channel Fresh Express
Fleetwood Fleming Cos. Ford Motor Company
Ford/Lincoln Dealer Assn. GTE Honeywell
Hughs Aircraft IBM IBM (Golden Circle)
International Dental Assn. Lincoln Mercury Lions Club International
McDonalds McDonnell Douglas Merck
Metropolitan Live Microsoft Mobile Petrochemical Company
Monterey Jazz Festival Motorola National Assn. of Home Builders
National and American League All Star Game Nortel
National Assn. of Public Service Administrators National Elec. Contractors Assn.
Pepsi-Cola Phillips Petroleum Safari Club
Southwest Airlines State Farm Insurance Sunkist
Ted Turner TransAmerica Life Companies UNISYS
United Cerebral Palsy Walt Disney Company